Booking now for 2022 Season

Important things to note:

Reservations for Judson House cannot be made from this website, but only by email (preferred method): or phone.

Reservations for lodging do not include the Gate Pass fee, which must be secured through the Institution.

Judson House has no on-site parking, so it is necessary for guests to obtain a Parking Permit through the Institution, which will enable them to park in the Visitors Parking Lot.

By the end of every season, Judson House is usually 75% booked for the next season, so don’t wait, or you might miss out on the week or weeks you want.

All Week 1 guests are invited to check in a day early, at no extra cost.

All Week 9 guests are invited to stay through Sunday, when the season officially ends, at no extra cost.


Judson House is also open for a limited time before and after the season at reduced rates.  Call or e-mail for availability and rates.

Available Off-season Apartments:

  • Apartment 5
  • Apartment 4
  • Apartment 3
  • Apartment G2
  • Apartment G3

During the 2020 season, we will be only occasionally at Chautauqua, so it will be easiest to reach us at our home #: 508.748.0395;  better yet, e-mail us at:

Please do not use the Comment Section for booking requests.

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